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Sleep Masks
Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the mask completely blocks out the light and boosts melatonin production. Melatonin is known as the hormone responsible for quality sleep and youthful appearance.

The wide elastic strap of the mask is encased in silk, thus eliminating any pressure on your head and preventing wrinkles on your hair.

We use cotton velvet for the outside of the mask and 100% silk on the inside. The filling is made of hollowfibre.

Natural silk is a great skincare tool: it takes good care of your skin, smoothes fine wrinkles and fills your skin with radiance.

Our top-tier masks come with pockets for scented sachets that are made with organic herbs. When purchasing the mask, you get a free sachet set.

All of our masks come with an organza tote bag and a black satin make up bag included.
Mineral Patches
Crystal patches are an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly beauty accessory.

They fit perfectly in the pockets inside the Hedonism Girls sleep and meditation masks: the patches can be easily placed inside the mask for an additional 8 hours of beauty ritual.

Natural stones retain their temperature for a long time and have a lasting effect:
  • when cooled, they help you wake up, refresh your skin and relieve puffiness;
  • when heated, they are perfect for relaxation and provide a blood circulation boost.
The shape of the beads allows for a delicate massage of the skin around the eye area.

The patches are crafted from different minerals so that you can choose a stone according to its properties and your aesthetic preferences.

Includes a black satin bag with embroidery for storage.
Special offers developed in a hedonistic alliance with other brands, as well as additional accessories for the main line.
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